Verner Panton – Official


Year: 1969 / 1970
Small series

The Clover Leaf sofa is one of the many furniture designs which Panton created as part of the Visiona 2 exhibition. Only a small number of this piece of furniture, which dominates the room, were produced. It consists of a base plate which acts as the seating area and a narrow backrest placed vertically on it. For the base plate Panton selected a pentangular form which is open on one side and is hollowed out at the centre to provide legroom. The snake-like backrest provides a large number of niches in which one person can sit and which face alternately inwards and outwards.


base sections shaped of moltoprene, backrests made of cold foam


high nap or furniture fabric


Metzeler Schaum, D, Mira-X, CH. Verpan, DK seit/since 2011 und/and Cloverleaf Outdoor since 2016