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Design Geometri


Design Geometri VP-03-H902
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Design Geometri
Year: 1960
furnishing fabric
Geometri I was designed for the Hotel/ Restaurant Astoria in Trondheim and is today one of Verner Panton's best-known textile designs. The pattern consists of circles and squares which are arranged in different proportions.

Material: printed cotton
Colours: black/white, orange/yellow, light red/ dark red, marine blue/ ice blue, brown/ beige, green/ turquoise
Manufacturer: Unika Vaev, Kopenhagen, DK
Geometri I in auctions
Geometri I in production
Collection: Textiles of the 20th Century™
Showroom Unika Vaev in New York, 1960
Hotel-Restaurant Astoria in Trondheim, Norway
The design of the Hotel and Restaurant Astoria in Trondheim included the entry area with the cloakroom,...
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