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Private House at Binningen


Living room at private house at Basel Binningen, Rebgasse 108
Private House at Binningen VP1877-00-C-D19
© Panton Design, Basel
Private House at Binningen
Year: 1972-1987
The rooms open to guests in this mansion were designed by Panton in such a way that they acted as a kind of showroom for his work. Particularly noticeable were the entrance hall with its ringed lamps, the dining room with a spectacular shell ceiling, and the large dining room. This was dominated by the Living Sculpture which today is part of the design collection of the Centre Pompidou in Paris.
The Ball lamps can be regarded as a further development of the Fun lamps. Instead of discs made of shell or aluminium...
Living Tower in production
Living landscapes were one of the major themes of Sixties Design. The Living...
The Ring Lamp originated as part of the Visiona installation and is a modular lighting element for wall or ceiling with a highly...
Sitting stairs
Seating in the form of stairs which it was possible to mount against the wall. The individual steps were highlighted with...
Basel Binningen in biography
Shell lamps "Fun"
The lamps in the Fun series are composed of translucent round discs which are flexibly connected with one another by...
The Spion (spy) lamp consists of a circular base plate of aluminium sheeting which is partly polished, partly lacquered red...
Enamel wall panels
The square wall panels can be used indoors or outdoors and are combined to form individual designs. There are four...
Pendant lamp "Ellipsen-Lampe"
In design the Ellipsen lamp, of which there is now only a working model, is a variant of the VP Globe. The main differences...
Panthella is characterised by its harmonious, calm form. The semi-circular shade creates a soft, pleasant light.
Living sculpture
Organically shaped, two-section living sculpture sized H approx.3,50m, W approx. 5m, D approx. 4m. Originally created for...
For the toy manufacturer Naef Verner Panton designed this system of basic frames which are formed into cubes. These are...
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