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Exhibition Koebestaevnet

Year: 1959
When Verner Panton was commissioned in 1959 to design the popular annual ”Köbestävnet“ exhibition of the time, he surprised his client and the public with the idea of hanging part of the exhibition from the ceiling. According to Panton this would make the exhibits visible to everyone, even if there was a large crowd.
VP-03-H901-B Exhibition Koebestaevnet VP-03-H901-B zoom VP-05-H901-B Exhibition Koebestaevnet VP-05-H901-B zoom VP-01-H901-B Exhibition Koebestaevnet VP-01-H901-B zoom VP-04-H901-B Exhibition Koebestaevnet VP-04-H901-B zoom
Series K (Kraemmerhusstole), Cone Chairs, consists of tables and seating...
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