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Year: 1996
In the "Colour spaces" installation, which Panton showed at Galerie Littmann in Basle in 1996, he demonstrated the power of colour in a physical way. Walking through the sequence of eight circular rooms, each of which was painted in a single colour, visitors were able to perceive the effect of colour, now warming, now cooling. This tunnel of colour was supplemented by foam elements in different shapes and colours, which were spread around a black room like over-sized building blocks.
VP1516-00-B-D16 Farbräume VP1516-00-B-D16 zoom VP1520-00-B-D16 Farbräume VP1520-00-B-D16 zoom VP1517-00-B-D16 Farbräume VP1517-00-B-D16 zoom VP1523-00-B-D16 Farbräume VP1523-00-B-D16 zoom VP-08-H1001-C Farbräume VP-08-H1001-C zoom   Video
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Panton designs a colour space installation "Farbräume" for Gallerie Littmann in Basle...
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