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Year: 1963
Serial produktion model
The radio is rectangular with rounded corners and consists of 2 sections. One level contains the radio and the other the record player. The whole unit is on casters and can be easily moved.

Material: rosewood or lacquered moulded wood in black, white or orange
Manufacturer: Wega-Radio, D
VP0711-00-B-D09 Wega-Radio VP0711-00-B-D09 zoom Vitra-302 Wega-Radio Vitra-302 zoom VP0710-00-B-D09 Wega-Radio VP0710-00-B-D09 zoom VP-N04-H701-B Wega-Radio VP-N04-H701-B zoom
The screen and housing form a sphere. There are 2 versions: Version 1: sphere TV on a conical base; Version 2: sphere TV...
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