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Pantop VP-01-H605
© Panton Design, Basel
Year: 1980
Serial production model
The identifying feature of the many variants in the Pantop family of lamps is a bell-shaped metal shade. Sometimes pointing downwards, sometimes upwards, sometimes suspended from the ceiling, sometimes mounted on a metal rod, it was produced in three sizes and four colour versions, (lacquered white or red, chrome or gold plated). As a wall-mounted lamp Panton developed a special version with a half-shade.

Material: chrome-plated or lacquered metal, with a variant in gold

Dimensions: table lamps in 4 sizes: H 37,5/52/65,5/80,5cm, ∅23/30/45/45cm; suspended lamps in three sizes: H25/21,5/16,5cm,∅45/30/23cm

Manufacturers: various companies, commissioned by Panton Design, CH; Verpan, DK
Pantop in production distinguished by a bell-like, widely flaring shade which, is mounted with the aperture facing down...
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