Lighting Lighting


Year: 1985
Serial production model
The ceiling and suspended lamps in the Sixties series were originally developed for Royal Kopenhagen, but were then produced by Yamagiwa of Japan. All models consist of a disc-shaped or almost disc-shaped shade and a considerably smaller reflector placed below it, which hide the bulb. The reflectors were shaped like a cone, a truncated cone or a hemisphere.

Material: lacquered metal
Manufacturer: Royal Kopenhagen, DK und Yamagiwa, JP
VP0522-00-C-D07 Sixty VP0522-00-C-D07 zoom VP0520-00-C-D07 Sixty VP0520-00-C-D07 zoom VP0519-00-C-D07 Sixty VP0519-00-C-D07 zoom VP0521-00-C-D07 Sixty VP0521-00-C-D07 zoom VP0518-00-C-D07 Sixty VP0518-00-C-D07 zoom VP0517-00-B-D07 Sixty VP0517-00-B-D07 zoom VP0526-00-A-D07 Sixty VP0526-00-A-D07 zoom VP-01-H610-B Sixty VP-01-H610-B zoom
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