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ART CHAIR, Manufacturer: Panton Design, CH
Art Chairs VP0262-00-B-D04
© Panton Design, Basel
Art Chairs
Year: 1981
unique copys
Using blanks of the Thonet S Chair (Model 275) Panton developed 22 Art Chairs, which are all one-off models. Each chair is carved in a different design and has a different colour.

Material: moulded plywood for Model 275/Thonet, lacquered in colour or uncoloured
Manufacturer: Panton Design, CH
Funny Chair
Amusing faces are carved into a seat shell made of plywood...
In its form the Pantonic Chair is a modified simpler version of the Art Chair...
Asbaek gallery
As part of the 'Light Colour Form' show which was held in Copenhagen's Galerie Asbaek...
Exhibition at Dansk Design Center
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