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Year: 1969/1970
Small series
The Clover Leaf sofa is one of the many furniture designs which Panton created as part of the Visiona 2 exhibition. Only a small number of this piece of furniture, which dominates the room, were produced. It consists of a base plate which acts as the seating area and a narrow backrest placed vertically on it. For the base plate Panton selected a pentangular form which is open on one side and is hollowed out at the centre to provide legroom. The snake-like backrest provides a large number of niches in which one person can sit and which face alternately inwards and outwards.

Material: base sections shaped of moltoprene, backrests made of cold foam
Cover: high nap or furniture fabric
Manufacturer: Metzeler Schaum, D, Mira-X, CH
Vitra-257-4 Cloverleaf-Sofa Vitra-257-4 zoom VP0685-00-B-D08 Cloverleaf-Sofa VP0685-00-B-D08 zoom VP0666-00-B-D08 Cloverleaf-Sofa VP0666-00-B-D08 zoom VP0683-00-B-D08 Cloverleaf-Sofa VP0683-00-B-D08 zoom VP0651-00-B-D08 Cloverleaf-Sofa VP0651-00-B-D08 zoom
Visiona 2
From the end of the Sixties to the mid-Seventies the chemical company Bayer rented a pleasure boat during every Cologne furniture fair and had it transformed into a temporary showroom by a well-known contemporary designer. The main aim was...
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