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Year: 1994
Serial production model
In a doubly bent steel loop, which from the side looks like a Z standing on its head, a ring of steel tubing is inserted and carries the upholstered seat. The two horizontal sections of the steel loop form a semi-circle. The lower semi-circle provides a secure base for the chair, while the upper semi-circle serves as an armrest or backrest.

Material: chrome-plated steel tubing (Type A), or lacquered blue (Type B) or silver bronze (Type C)
Fabric: blue, yellow, red, green, violet, black, white
Manufacturer: Polythema, D
VP0357-00-B-D05 Z-Chair VP0357-00-B-D05 zoom VP0356-00-B-D05 Z-Chair VP0356-00-B-D05 zoom
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