Verner Panton – Official

High-rise apartment building

Year: 1951 - 1955

This steel frame construction is designed for a height of 60 m, a length of 125 m, and a depth of 15 meter. The identical dimensions of the frame (5 m long and 3 m high) form a clearly defined grid facade while the spaces between the structural frames show individual designs and avoid monotony. The walls show a patchwork of different window formats and differently painted panels. The sizes and designs of the apartments, mainly created as maisonettes, show great variety, too. Panton seems to have aimed again at achieving as much flexibility as possible within the given framework. Possibly the design represents Panton’s final year project at the Academy of Arts. The columns on the ground floor seem to be influenced by Le Corbusiers Unite d`habitation (1947-52) in Marseille.