Verner Panton – Official

Enamel wall panels

Year: 1966
Serial production model

The square wall panels can be used indoors or outdoors and are combined to form individual designs. There are four different geometrical motifs in positive / negative, in black and white or coloured.

Dimensions: 62.5cmx62.5cmxD:2
Colours: bright red/red, bright orange/orange, medium blue/dark blue, bright turquoise/turquoise, black/white
Material: enamel on metal

Manufacturer: Emaillerie Corgémont, CH

Distribution: Winter, CH

Year: 1968

Series model

This panel variants were first produced and used during the Spiegel publishing company project. They consist of enamelled metal plates which can be arranged in different ways. The positive –negative motifs create a silhouette effect.

Dimensions: 237.5cmx59.5cmxD:2
Material: enamelled metal

Colours: black/white, bright orange/dark orange, bright violet/dark violet