Verner Panton – Official

Collection Diamond

Year: 1984 / 1985

Design Quarz, Jolly I and Jolly II
Design Quarz: grid on white background
Design Jolly I: triangular patterns against coloured background
Design Jolly II: triangular patterns with edging on both sides

Material: Quarz: cotton, lacquer print; Jolly and Jolly II: blended fabric polyester/cotton, printed
Dimensions: W 140/160/160cm, pattern heights: 2/3/6cm
Manufacturer: Mira-X, Suhr, CH

Design Rubin, Opal
The design of this furniture fabric consists of free geometrical forms with a basic pattern of contiguous triangles

Material: lacquer print on cotton
Colours: Opal: crystal, citrus yellow, brick red, jade green; Rubin: multicolour, blue-green, red, brown, white, gray
Dimensions: W 140cm
pattern height: 82/82cm

Manufacturer: Mira-X, CH