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Anatomical Designs


Dessin EAR Anatomical Design 1978, Manufacturer: Mira-X, CH
Anatomical Designs VP-ON-112
© Panton Design, Basel
Anatomical Designs
Year: Entwurf und Kleinserie 1968 für Visiona 0; Serienproduktion 1978
The Anatomical Designs group of textiles consists of the designs Eyes, Lips, Hands and Feet. These are printed with photographic realism on different coloured backgrounds. Marianne Panton was the model for Eyes, Lips, and Feet. Panton himself was the model for the designs Hands and Ears (no series production of the latter).

Collection: Anatomical Designs
Material: printed cretonne
Colours: dark red, bright red, orange, mauve, violet, green, blue, turquoise, beige, gray, gold brown
Dimensions: W 120
Motif height: 59/30/87/74

Manufacturer: Mira-X, CH
Visiona 0
From the end of the Sixties to the mid-Seventies the chemical company Bayer rented a pleasure boat during every Cologne furniture fair...
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