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Design Stellato

Year: 1989
Splashes of colour in different layers create visual depth in this design.

Material: lacquered cotton percale in blue or red
Colour combinations: slate, mother of pearl, marine blue, brick red, azure, buvard, dune
Dimensions: W 140, pattern height: 64
Manufacturer: Mira-X, CH
VP0586-00-B-D08 Design Stellato VP0586-00-B-D08 zoom VP0590-00-B-D08 Design Stellato VP0590-00-B-D08 zoom VP0591-00-B-D08 Design Stellato VP0591-00-B-D08 zoom VP0588-00-B-D08 Design Stellato VP0588-00-B-D08 zoom
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