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Collection Orbit

Year: 1983
Design Saturn, Gemini, Venus, Vela, Cosmos

Designs with a basic square grid and stripe-like colour concentrations.

Colour combinations:
Saturn: gray, beige, caramel, violet, green, red, orange/yellow
Gemini: green/ blue, pastel, orange/ red
Venus: silver (light and dark), gold (light and dark)
Vela: white; white/gray; silver/black/gold
Cosmos: in 26 different colour combinations

Dimensions: W 130, Cosmos: W 140, Pattern heights: 40/40/40/64/-, Vela black/gold/silver 40
Manufacturer: Mira-X, Suhr, CH, Leinfelden, D

Design Delta, Leda, Jupiter, Carina

Fabric patterns with vertical and zigzag lines which partly cover one another.

Material: cotton with lacquer print
Colours: Delta: jade green, blue, mauve, white, aubergine, yellow, salmon; Leda: aubergine, orange, violet, blue, green; Orion: multicolour, natural, anthracite, brick red, blue-green; Jupiter: green, gold, white, light gray, aubergine, violet; Carina: 18 colour combinations

Dimensions: W 130, Carina: W 140
pattern height: 1/-/64/64/1
Manufacturer: Mira-X, CH

Design Columba

Design in free forms

Material: cretonne printed
Colour combinations: white, pastel, red, blue, multicolour
Dimensions: W 130
Pattern height: 64
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