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Design Optik

Year: ca. 1965
In the pattern a circular grid is penetrated by a vertical grid of stripes.

Material: viscose, jacquard fabric
Colour combinations: turquoise/green, light green/green, dark blue/blue, bright red/red, bright orange/orange, beige/brown, beige/ cream, beige/ dark beige, black/ white
Dimensions: W 131
Pattern height: 11.2
Manufacturer: Unika Vaev, DK and Maharam, US (since approx. 1999)
VP0602-00-A-D08 Design Optik VP0602-00-A-D08 zoom VP0596-00-A-D08 Design Optik VP0596-00-A-D08 zoom
Optik in production
Collection: Textiles of the 20th Century Application: Seating Content: 76% Cotton, 24% Polyester Finish: Teflon®
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