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Collection Secura I

Year: 1980
furnishing fabric
Designs: curve, onion, stripe, triangle

The motifs appear behind a grid of horizontal stripes.

Colour combinations: Onion and stripe: gray, green, beige, brown Triangle and curve: blue, red, gold
Dimensions: W 160, pattern heights: 40/40/15/40
Material: printed polyester
Manufacturer: Mira-X, Suhr, CH, Leinfelden, D
Vitra-336-5 Collection Secura I Vitra-336-5 zoom Vitra-337-2 Collection Secura I Vitra-337-2 zoom Vitra-337-1 Collection Secura I Vitra-337-1 zoom Vitra-336-4 Collection Secura I Vitra-336-4 zoom
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