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Landscaped interior


Landscaped interior VP0067-00-B-D02
© Panton Design, Basel
Landscaped interior
Year: 1965-66/1967
Serial production model
This furniture programme on a square pattern provides a wide range of options for combination into different formations.

Material: rigid polyurethane foam with moltoprene
Cloth: perlon in blue, red, orange, yellow, blue and turquoise
Manufacturer: Alfred Kill and Metzeler Schaum, D
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our elements from the Modular Furniture System, designed in 1965/66 by Verner Panton for Kill & Metzeler/Germany, 1967, two elements with tall, two with low...
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Design of a modular furniture system made of foam plastic sections, which is manufactured from 1976 by Kill, Metzeler and sold by the Kaufhof chain...
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An idea for three-dimensional living provided by the options for combining furniture shapes and colours ....
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