Leuchten Leuchten

Topan 1959

Topan Zoom
Sometimes the simplest things are the most lasting and memorable, the Topan Pendant being a brilliant example. It was the first mass produced lamp by Verner Panton, later to be followed by the FlowerPot. Topan's simplicity and coolness proves to be of lasting value. Topan was originally designed for the hotel and restaurant Astoria in Trondheim, Norway, in 1960. Here, Panton used his textile designs Geometry I to IV for floors, walls and ceilings in order to give the room a uniform image. The Topan pendants hung all over, dividing large rooms into smaller and more intimate spaces.

Colours: Black, White, Yellow, Red, Green, Orange, Brushed, Soft Black, Mint
Materials: Lacquered aluminium with 3 meter textile cord


Louis Poulsen in Produktion